Who We Are


Spectrum Show Services was founded in 1992 by Sam Miserendino and Ron Mestichelli. Together, they bring 50 years’ experience to the tradeshow industry. Headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ, Spectrum maintains a fully staffed office and warehouse facility. All coordination, planning, and labor management begin at the hub. Once initial logistics are coordinated by our team, the planning department coordinates projects with the appropriate field office to ensure a successful event.

Labor Service Capabilities

Spectrum Show Services has resources to support all aspects of your program. We develop wide-ranging service solutions to ensure a positive experience for our clients with a successful result. The relationships we’ve forged with strategic labor partners, trade unions, specialty suppliers, and vendors enable us to manage any tradeshow, permanent installation, or corporate event from beginning to end.

Competitive Advantage

Why partner with Spectrum? We began its operations in the northeast region. This region consists of the most challenging labor markets in the tradeshow industry. Spectrum has assembled a staff of extremely dedicated managers and highly skilled set-up personnel to effectively navigate this market. Spectrum’s fundamental principles are: to place customers’ needs first; provide steadfast professionalism; and to establish and maintain an impeccable reputation. This philosophy has demonstrated, to exhibit managers and display fabricators, that Spectrum is a value-added supplier in any tradeshow or event program. We believe this is the key ingredient to our organization’s success, and the success of the customers we serve. Allow our professional coordination, labor, management, and outstanding service be your solution.

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